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The MORPHD Method, created by Bren Bauer, is a lifestyle program that requires working a daily journal entry process in key areas of our lives. The process produces clarity, flow, and momentum by discovering key insights, clearly stating desired outcomes, and executing on all tasks necessary to produce results.This is a lifestyle created by you with Bren's guidance. Once it is streamlined and your personalized roadmap is defined, it fits like a glove and becomes second nature. It is a true, sustainable lifestyle filled with optimal health, purpose, and authenticity.Clarity is one thing - execution is the differentiator. Will you execute on what you now know needs to be evolved? Done? Elevated?This is not a program that is meant to be "tried", "started and stopped" or if it gets too hard or uncomfortable, it's time to take a break. Only the brave are welcomed. You must be ready to weather the storm, ride the wave, and take a leap of faith.

MORPHO Lifestyle

The Process

The MORPHO Lifestyle program consists daily journaling in key areas of our lives, such as health, wealth, relationships, and business.The MORPHD Method is a process of discovery by writing in a shared digital journal. Clarity is achieved, next steps are defined, and a roadmap is set in place. The key is consistency and daily execution.Bren Bauer, creator of the program, coach, and founder of MORPHD, has access to your journal. Each day she reviews your entries and she provides guidance, prompts, and asks pivotal questions. She is the driver to help you stay on track and keep going in your journey. We hold weekly coaching calls after Bren has performed journal forensics and uncovered key insights, blocks, and patterns. This sets you up for the week. It's up to you to keep going.

Learn to morph and fly

It takes daily action. You will only experience what it feels like to morph if you show up and do the work. Bren often shares with her new members that if you do the work your life will evolve, new opportunities will present themselves, things may get uncomfortable, and shifts occur. When this happens, most people want to take a break or stop completely. Many come back and start the process all over again. Yet, they will always hit the same wall. Bren's motto: "Keep pressing on."Take a look at Day 1 of the MORPHO Lifestyle Journal Entry Process Below.

The Investment

This is an investment in your life, your health, and your dreams. If you don't believe you can afford it, Bren can show you how to create immediate financial opportunities to cover the cost.Bren provides daily commitment, time, and resources to review and provide feedback on your journal entries. Her toolkit of resources shared with you is exclusive.The value of this program on a monthly basis is $2500 per person. This is a special price based on Bren's mission to reach more people who are seeking true growth and change.This program is a 12-month commitment. You must have the commitment and mindset that this is not a short-term journey or fix. It takes time to evolve, to morph, and learn to fly.If you find that this program is not a great fit for you, we offer a 30-day cancellation fee.

  • MORPHD Method - Morpho Lifestyle Program

  • Daily Journal Entry Review with Feedback and Prompts

  • Access to Bren via Private SLACK Channel

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Daily Accountability and Support

  • Advanced Health Coaching with Review of Labs and Suggested Supplement Protocols

  • Business Coaching, including Start Up, Branding, Digital Marketing, and advising on Modern Technology Stacks



12 Month Commitment

Meet Bren

Bren Bauer, Founder & CEO, MORPHD - Creator of the MORPHO Lifestyle Program

Bren is a certified life coach, business coach, and veteran entrepreneur. She has decades of experience in health, longevity, neuroscience, and personal and professional development. She created the MORPHO Lifestyle program and works the program along with her members. Bren has maintained the journal entry process for 2380 days.

MORPHO Lifestyle


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